Osu mode

Osu mode refers to a special mode that uses beatmap files from the rhythm game Osu to turn Dolmexica Infinite into a mix of a rhythm and a fighting game. Player inputs are only valid when performed in accordance with the beat. Additionally, there are freestyle sections where input is freely available, which correspond to the original spinner sections from the Osu beatmap.

Adding songs

fight.def parameters


The following parameters can be used to set the paths to the osu files used by Dolmexica Infinite. Osu file searching works just like with other files declared in the [Files] group.
  • osu.sff (string): Sprite file. Defaults to osu.sff.
  • osu.air (string): Action file. Defaults to osu.air.
  • osu.snd (string): Sound effect file. Defaults to osu.snd.


The Osu group can be used to set animations and sounds. The default values reflect the values used in Project O with the default files.
  • hitcircle.anim (int): Animation used for hit circle. Should be white since it is colored by the combo color in the Osu beatmap. Defaults to 1000.
  • approachcircle.anim (int): Animation used for approach circle (the one that shrinks and indicates timing). Should be white since it is colored by the combo color in the Osu beatmap. Defaults to 1001.
  • freestyle.pre.anim (int): Animation shown before Freestyle (Spinner). Defaults to 2000.
  • freestyle.during.anim (int): Animation shown during Freestyle (Spinner). Defaults to 2001.
  • freestyle.post.anim (int): Animation shown after Freestyle (Spinner). Defaults to 2002.
  • freestyle.pos (int, int): Position of freestyle animation. Defaults to 160, 50
  • hit.animbase (int): Animation number where animations responding to successful and unsuccessful hits start. Defaults to 1500. For example, if this value is set to 1500, 1500 responds to Miss, 1501 responds to Good, 1502 responds to Great and 1503 responds to Hot.
  • hit.snd (int, int): Group and item of sound effect to play for successfully hitting a hit circle. Defaults to 1, 0.